WasteWant operates as a buy-back centre, providing a fee in return for recyclables such as glass, cans, paper and plastic. There are also two municipal drop-off sites contracted by WasteWant where the public can drop off recyclable goods.


We help you minimize your waste!

We help you contribute to a sustainable and safe environment by cutting down on the waste you generate, especially harmful and persistent waste.


We collect your waste!


We collect the following types of waste: White paper (HL1), Cardboard (K4), Newspapers (F/W), Magazines (SBM), Mix paper (CMW), Plastic bottles (PET), Glass bottles (Glass), Plastic Bags (Mix Plast), Plastic bags clear (Clear Plastic), Cans (Cans), Plastic bottles(HD), Light steel, Bumpers, other recyclables

We manage your waste!

We collect, transport and dispose of waste materials. We also offer a variety of solutions for recycling items that do not belong in the trash. It is about how garbage can be used as a valuable resource.
We provide containers to help you separate waste easily, and we regularly collect and replace these containers.

We sort and remove your waste!

We sort your waste on site, saving you money. Don’t just throw it all away, sorting through your waste can save you thousands, reduce the amount of waste in landfills, thus making you a greener company.